WTE offer a range of specialist engineering services tailored specifically to the wind sector including:

  • Extraction of broken or damaged bolts in blade/bearing or other interfaces.
  • Repair and/or re-tapping of damaged interfaces.
  • Welding repairs up-tower.
  • Consultancy.

WTE core competency across multiple brands

We have an excellent track record including:

  • Drivetrain and Gearbox (including seized gearboxes) exchange .
  • Main bearings, Yaw bearings and Blades and blade bearings.
  • Dismantling damaged blades and fire damaged turbines.
  • Transport & disposal of damaged components.

This service includes:

  • Detailed site assessment and report.
  • Comprehensive EHS plan to support & guide planned works.
  • Highly experienced crew including slinger/signallers and mechanical technicians.
  • Crane supervision.
  • Cranes under Contract Lift terms.
  • Plant operators, Telehandler, MEWP, Mobile Welfare unit and Bespoke lifting gear for complex lifting operations.
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