Urgent Action

Urgent action needed if 2030 energy targets are to be met

Just over three years ago the Oireachtas voted unanimously to declare that Ireland was in the middle of a climate and biodiversity emergency, writes Wind Energy Ireland CEO Noel Cunniffe for the Sunday Independent.

Read the full article frpm Sunday Independent on 14 August at Wind Energy Ireland News

Wind farm

Little Cheyne Court windfarm in Kent

The service period is now in full swing, one of our teams has completed a series of major component exchanges at Little Cheyne Court windfarm in Kent; here we see the blades being lifted back on to the turbine.

Hyndburn windfarm

WTE were contracted to dismantle a fire-damaged turbine for Deutsche Windtechnik at Hyndburn windfarm; the first image shows the rotor being dismantled in February and the second shows the turbine being reinstalled in the first week of may. Our scope of work included cranes and mechanical services, blade disposal, tower reconditioning and full reinstall. The most challenging aspect was, of course, the preparation and dismantling works; these works were completed in a carefully managed manner within limited weather windows. Well done to all concerned.

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